The Wire. From the beginning.

Because why not?


  1. beeborg said: so good the second time around!
  2. mathcat345 said: I’ve watched five episodes so far. First time viewer. Wow. Love the scene where chess is explained in terms of gang hierarchy.
  3. girl-detective said: Yep.
  4. corvidae30 said: that’s a great ride.
  5. tbmimsthethird said: All aboard the Snot Boogie Express…one-way, non-stop to “Let’s go home.”
  6. runonsentencesaboutemotions said: Omar comin’, yo…
  7. tonimclellan said: OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG
  8. stupon said: Way down in the hole
  9. monkeyfrog said: Hell. Yes. While you watch it, remember Jay lived in a row house in the midst of that very neighborhood. eep
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