Dog owners! This is the best bag holder I’ve ever had. It’s soft and in-line with the leash. Perfect. The collar looks smart too.

Boa Pod And Collar Med Red @alitedesigns, 58% off now featured on Fab.
It’s a set that perfects that time-honored art of picking up poop. Created by Alite Design, the cute, durable and incredibly useful Boa set includes a bag dispenser as well as a heavy-duty collar! The bag dispenser attaches to your leash or belt loop, while the extra-durable nylon collar includes stash pockets for keys, treats, whatever you two like to take with you. Now get out for that walk and leave no poo behind!


  1. lnthefade said: I love that Lili just shits in the backyard and then I make my son clean it up before he mows the lawn.
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