I wear jeans and clogs and a t-shirt everyday. My hair is up in a ponytail and covered with a hat everyday.

When I got off work today I seriously considered canceling my plans and making out with my couch instead.

I am making myself go out and socialize and I’m happy with that decision Haven’t seen this girl in a while.

Also I cut my hair and didn’t tell you. Sorry!


  1. rrrrred said: You look GORGE
  2. sistacrumpet said: HI! Also, I would like a better picture of your hair. KTXNBAI.
  3. do-over said: Hey girl. Hey.
  4. phyllis-stein said: Look at you! I mean, I enjoy looking at you!
  5. cirquedurartastic said: Hott!
  6. notactuallyme said: Yowza!
  7. tj said: Pretty girl is pretty.