The steam mop arrived today! The steam mop arrived today!

Two 20/10s for my small kitchen floor. I removed the rug, swept an 85 pound hairball and set up the mop.  Took two passes with the mop to make sure I was getting the steam where it needed to go.

It’s fun until you realize you’re generating a ton of steam on an 88 degree, high humidity day. Also, I should have turned the AC units off first because it tripped the breaker. Lessons learned. 

The before and after aren’t markedly different because LINOLEUM IS THE GODDAMNED DEVIL. There are cuts and tears and scratches. Who knows how many years of dirt and grime are imbedded into the pock marks of the tiles. The pattern itself looks like dirt. I’m going to need to spend more time with the deeply dirty ones and use a lot of different cleaners. I just don’t know what kind of improvement I can expect. 

However, it feels clean and it is very very shiny. And took way less work than a traditional mop to get better results. So, love the mop. Hate the linoleum. Settling into the reality it will never look great because of what it is. 


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