And you shall know me by the corners I’ve turned.

I got to sell cheese today.

I successfully managed the restaurant and a retail location at the same time.

I climbed 50 flights of stairs and didn’t realize it until Fitbit told me.

My ass is telling me it knew hours ago.

10 of those flights were carrying bread trays to the basement freezer, one at a time, about 12-15 lbs each.

For the first time in weeks I didn’t feel like going to bed the minute I got home.

I took Tucker to the dog park instead and watched the sun set.

I met a corgi named Phoebe. We are to be wed.

Tucker behaved really well.

I brought wine.

I met a puggle named Henry. We are to be wed.

Thin. Crust. Pizza. Delivery.

Within minutes of ordering pizza I saw that I walked 18k steps and 50 flights of stairs today, which negates all guilty thoughts about ordering pizza.

Doctor Who with my guy over FaceTime.

I don’t have to work tomorrow.



why is this so hard



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Supermodel. (at Foster Ave Dog Beach)

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”’It doesn’t count if you don’t mean it' goes right back to the individualistic model because what it's saying is that 'the only thing that’s important here are my intentions. Not the consequences of my actions, but my intentions.’

So if I can establish my purity and my innocence, then that’s the end of the conversation. We don’t need to look at the racist or sexist or homophobic consequences of what I’ve done or not done because the issue really is about me.

So if I didn’t consciously intend to say what I said, if I didn’t think before the words came out of my mouth ‘this is what I’m going to say,' then I can disavow any responsibility for saying it, as if someone else said it.

It happens all the time, politicians will say outrageous things and then they’ll say ‘well, I misspoke.' And I'm never quite sure what that means. Or 'I didn’t mean to say that.' And I don't know what to make of that. So what if you didn't mean to say that? You did it. 'I didn’t mean to shoot you.' Well that's great, but you shot me. And we need to deal with the fact that YOU are the one who shot me.

But this kind of language, this ‘I didn’t mean to do it' is simply a way of saying 'I’m not accountable for what I do.’ This is a KEY aspect of privilege. Members of privileged groups are never supposed to be held to account by members of subordinate groups.

So they say ‘I didn’t mean it,’ or ‘I was only joking,’ or ‘you’re too sensitive,' going back to blaming the victim, that is a way of stepping aside and saying 'I’m not accountable to you.’”

Sociologist Allan G. Johnson in conversation.

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We tend to agree. 

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Simon says pick up your farts!
Kid next to me on the bus


Be Vewwy Afwaid: These Bunnies Are Huge

Your run of the mill rabbits, like Peter and “Watership Down’s” Hazel, have larger cousins. Much larger. Among breeds of rabbits there are over 10 giant varieties. Soon there may be one more. In 2009, the Spanish government started a breeding program to bring back the giant Valenciano Rabbit. Vin…


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Sorry to do this to you on a Monday, but My So-Called Life premiered 20 years ago today and we are old.


what the fucking fuck. It was my 16th birthday. 



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