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Tomorrow is going to be ridiculous. Like, RIDICULOUS.

I worked 13 hours today. Took a shot with one of our owners and shared a glass of Riesling with the other. Had the loveliest conversation with the husband of the woman who makes the cheese that changed my life. Got a hug from the best cheese maker in the US. I’m kind of out of body right now.

Tomorrow is going to be ridiculous. Like, RIDICULOUS.

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I couldn’t say “granny” so she was Neeney. #tbt

Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages.

Amen, Louis Pasteur.

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The store’s biggest day of the year is Saturday. My coffee intake is quadrupled. My boss is way supportive.

I request that you do not schedule showings for this Sunday, April 13. I am putting in long days this week in preparation for a big event that will have me on my feet for at least 20 hours on Saturday. I ask that no showings be scheduled for this Sunday so that I can recover on my couch while wearing yoga pants and eating an enormous pizza while keeping my dignity in tact.
I just sent this email to my landlord. So help me god, if they show my apartment on Sunday I *will* disrobe and speak in tongues and maybe froth a little at the mouth.


tattoo plan/life advice

I’m in.

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