steelopus said: So whose dog are you going to steal today?


Who knows. We’re feeling pretty bold. This might have actually emboldened Corey enough to finally steal Tucker.

Look out Lindsay. Swiggity swuppy, we’re coming for that puppy.

If Tucker proves too difficult, we’ll settle for Bo Obama.


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The RATP, public transports for Paris, launched this campaign to teach people how to behave. 

Some of these seem obvious, but given our experience in NYC and SF (+Madrid, Brussels, yes, Paris, and other places), we know they’re not a luxury.

See, for example, the tortoise who keeps his backpack on his shoulders instead of placing it against his legs (I’m looking at you, tourists), or the lovebirds, who stand side-by-side on the escalator. Or the hen, who speaks loudly on her telephone. The warthog, who eats stinky food and leaves a mess, and the elephants, who don’t let passengers off the train. I’m not including the koalas, who don’t fold their prams when there is more than one pram in the same space.

There are some missing, of course, like the pole hogs, who will hug a pole instead of holding it with one hand and standing at a distance to let others reach for it. 

I wish more cities with public transports launched similar campaigns. Lord knows we need them.

— From NYC. 

Everyday I wonder why we haven’t done this already.

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Makes a person proud to be Amurrican, dudn’t it?  ::leans to side, spits::

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Shameless begging at the next table. (at Nacho Mama’s)


Rachael meets Bowie. (at Foster Ave Dog Beach)

Sundogging. (at 🙊🏡)

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I love giraffes so much. Would drink the Hudson.

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Students from the Art Institute sell their work along Michigan Ave, 1934, Chicago.

Dmitry Samarov and I want to know how we can bring this back!?

Yes, please.

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