Crossword, 2013, Chicago. Kevin Shick

Shick’s CTA series captures the same subjects, in the same spot on ‘L’ trains, on different days.

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Tucker loves his new toy croc from Tim and Smush. 🐶❤️🎁👍

I’m home.

It’s quiet. It’s nice, but it’s….weird. I miss them already.

My terrarium has a tiny cheese! Thanks Kally!

We had company over for dinner tonight.


Saturday mornings are for sleeping in, staying in your pjs for as long as you want, and leisurely breakfasts that include bacon AND cinnamon rolls. 

I also ate an egg, to appease the hovering ghost of my mom. you can’t eat just cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I’ll make you an egg.

Or for being woken up by the seven-year-old, flabbergasted by the newly installed lock on the bedroom door, so much so that she seemingly forgets how doors work and that knocking is a thing. and then to be joined in bed by three small humans and one not so small dog and to watch videos on the iPad while taking time lapse videos with my phone.

And then he brings you an iced coffee just the way you like it and you melt even more.

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Good morning.

We passed both the shopping and assembly IKEA relationship tests. #Repost from @potjie with @repostapp —- Success!

Tötally säfe. (at IKEA Seattle)


OMG these two are so gross.

I’m having the worst time.

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